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September 25, 2022
The Dark Truth of America's Federation Of State Medical Boards

Is the FSMB the "enforcement arm" for Big Pharma? Few doctors realise that FSMB directives from this private US organisation have influenced how medicine has been practised around the world since 1913.

Why is there not more openness about such an influential body? What gives this secretive organisation the right to rule over doctors and the public, and even influence our New Zealand Medical Council policies, through their international arm?

And why, in 2022, are they now beginning a big push for censorship of health protocols and ideas and freedoms, through their manipulated claims of "disinformation & misinformation"?

In this crucial interview, a brave and caring doctor, who loves his profession, shares what he knows for the greater public good and to help doctors around the world to be able to practise without threats and coercion.

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Chasing Down The New Zealand Government Pfizer Contract (Article)
Formal Judicial Review Filing Made to The Govt By John Armstrong & Erika Whittome

Since the beginning of the ‘Covid Era’, the New Zealand public, many of whom were awake to the attack on our freedom and rights that lay at the heart of Jacinda Ardern’s ‘Covid Response’, have shouted from the rooftops for the New Zealand version of the Pfizer contract to be released.

Those shouts have consistently been met with silence.

This Pfizer contract, had it been released to the public, would have cleared away all of the speculation about what was signed on behalf of the People of New Zealand, by the tyrannical government of Ardern, Grant Roberston, Chris Hipkins and others in the corrupt Labour regime.

Sadly, many of us realised this crucial contract would not be easily forthcoming via the Official Information Act (OIA) process. However the pathway that leads to Judicial Review involves following the protocols of the Official Information Act 1982.

The Albanian Pfizer contract was leaked, the Canadian Pfizer contract released (albeit heavily redacted) via the court process, and the South African contract was released also through the judicial system. Read the un-redacted South African contract here.


A discussion about the process of the release in South Africa is useful for a full understanding.

Comparing the released Pfizer contracts above, we now know that they are very similar in content, apart from the monetary values for each. To describe the content as shocking, is to understate the raw truth. They all involve signing away the country’s sovereignty. In addition, Pfizer is given zero liability for any harms from this experimental product.

In getting the New Zealand Pfizer contract released, we will be asking whether Labour has signed away New Zealand’s sovereignty and whether Ardern has also given Pfizer an indemnity from being held liable for injury or death of New Zealanders caused by their experimental product.

Given the obvious risk to the public of those countries from the Pfizer contract, it becomes patently clear that every New Zealander should demand to see the contents of our Pfizer contract. There is no doubt that the devil is in the detail.

Erika Whittome reached out for help from New Zealanders who were willing to support her in getting this issue into court. Like her, I felt this was potentially the only way that the Pfizer contract would be released to the People of New Zealand.

In saying that, neither of us expected the court to allow this to be a walk in the park. Over the last Covid years, many New Zealanders have become concerned at evidence of corruptions within our judicial system, wherein laws which are supposed to protect the People, are instead being used against us, in what has come to be known as ‘Lawfare’. We have more than a few barriers to overcome. We will continue, undeterred, the push to get this over the judicial line.

However, we need the help of as many New Zealanders as possible, to counter the claim that the court has made, in rejecting our application to file the necessary documents. And what is their reason? The Court maintains that this application for release of the New Zealand Pfizer contract, holds ‘No Public Interest’!

We beg to differ in the strongest of terms.

With enough New Zealanders getting behind this, we trust that Justice will prevail in the end.

We are doing our part with long hours of hard work, and now we ask you to play your part.

It’s therefore useful that I briefly summarise the process thus far with seeking release of the Pfizer contract here in New Zealand.

John & Erika filing at the Auckland High Court.

Our Most Recent Action:

Auckland High Court [2024] NZHC 1840, 8 July 2024: The release of the Covid-19 contract between Pfizer and the NZ Government was declined for a second timeby Justice Whata.


1/ Erika Whittome

​​2/ John Armstrong

​​3/ Chris McCashin


1/ The Minister of Health

​​2/ The Ombudsman

​​3/ The Minister of Finance

​​4/ The Minister for Covid-19 Response


1/ ​4 April 2024: First application filed at High Court seeking judicial review: Release the Pfizer contract.

2/ ​15 April 2024: First filing, declined fee waiver by Deputy Registrar, David Slight, who asserts that this “(did) not meet the criteria for determining when a proceeding concerns a matter of genuine public interest”.

3/ ​14 May 2024: Filing second application at High Court – Auckland, reference: CIV2024-404-845, Application for Judicial Review: Release the Pfizer contract.

4/ ​8 July 2024: Second filing, judgement by Justice Whata: [2024] NZHC 1840, because “(this) case does not determine genuine public interest and thus no question of law”.

Read the Judgement by Justice Whata, 8 July 2024.

Mr. Justice Whata neither acknowledged nor rebutted the case law which we cited at item 17 of our Application, when the Trade Minister was challenged to reveal the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) in 2015, the case of Kelsey v Minister of Trade [2015] NZHC 2497 concluded:

The Crown has entered into an international confidentiality agreement with other negotiating state parties. This cannot override the domestic legal effect of the (Official Information) Act (1982)”.

This decision led to the public release of the TPPA.

In the case of the New Zealand Pfizer contract, a crucial question is left unanswered: Why was a key point about this case law neither acknowledged nor rebutted? Further, what differentiates our case for the Pfizer contract, where many New Zealanders wish to know its contents, from the same situation in Kelsey v Minister of Trade, where many New Zealanders wanted to understand the far-reaching effects of the TPPA?

Mr Justice Whata claimed that there was no public interest in the release of the Pfizer contract. With respect, that claim is absurd. We have evidence that the Ombudsman received so many public complaints about the lack of transparency around the signing of the Pfizer contract, that they were required to publish a notice on their website, which you can see here:

How Can You Help With This Impasse?

We obviously need to show the court that there is vast public interest in the release of the Pfizer contract.

The easiest and most transparent way of achieving this, is through an Official Information Act (OIA) request on the FYI website. Therefore I ask you, to help us, and to get others to help us, by:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Make a request through, in an OIA request, ask the Ministry of Health for the un-redacted Pfizer Contract.

Step 3:

  • Once your OIA has been submitted, please urgently email the link to me at this address: [email protected]. It will then be collated, along with all the other requests, to file for a Third time at the court, to give them proof that there is a substantive public interest in releasing the Pfizer contract.

Footnote: The OIA is the crucial part from all of you. However, if you are able to assist with step 4 (below) then it will help us with the cost of filing and being able to take on more OIA’s on behalf of the public of New Zealand.

Step 4:

  • The third filing is going to cost us $550, and it would be of great assistance to our ability to pay the required fees if you could afford to donate towards this cost.

  • We are talking 5-6 minutes of your time in completing the OIA, plus a donation and you will OWN a share of this historic filing.

  • John has provided the following account details for donation towards the filing cost:


    Account: 38-9017-0772606-01

    Bank: Kiwibank

Two useful references & resources:

1/ Summary statement of the New Zealand COVID-19 vaccine procurement process and contracts with suppliers. Publication date: 18 September 2023.

2/ A Request that the Finance Minister give an indemnity to Pfizer.

You, the People of New Zealand, have the power to influence the release of this thus-far-withheld Pfizer contract.

With enough uptake from every one of you in this call to action, the New Zealand judicial system will be forced to acknowledge that there is indeed a great Public Interest. We trust that the court will then act in response to the will of the People who are seeking a fair and equitable outcome.

Let’s bring this contract out into the open – together!

Standing in Truth,

  • John Armstrong

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Bob Moran - The Man With The 2B Pencil
A Clip From Cartoonist Bob Moran's Live Show ... A Story of Redemption



We’d like to thank Bob.

In the darkness of the Covid lockdowns and jab mandates, your work offered hope to Kiwis.

This clip is taken from Bob's live show, Art-Pocalypse

Bob’s Website

Bob’s Twitter


We had our baby, Roberta.

I was very happy, even though I was no longer sure about the ways of the world she was born into.

What could I do to change things?

Ten years ago, our first daughter, Poppy, was cut out of my wife's body in less than three minutes.

She wasn't breathing.

She was resuscitated, made one tiny noise as I held her hand, and disappeared into intensive care.

I hated myself.

The brain injury she suffered left her with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

I'd known something was wrong, but I didn't want to be seen as difficult.

I didn't want to seem like a troublemaker.

I should have torn the roof off that place.

I didn't even stand up and speak out.

My reticence almost killed my child, and she will suffer her whole life because of my cowardice.

Watching this tiny, fragile creature battle against impossible odds was truly humbling.

All she knew was struggle and pain, but she didn't give up, even though she had every reason to.

Every force was against her.

I told her that I understood how hard it would be for her to stay with us, but I promised her that if she did, I'd never let her down like that again.

I promised her she'd be loved, and I'd buy her a pony.

I need to buy her a pony.

Something else happened though, that complicated things.

I hated myself.

I hated everything about myself.

I hated my art.

Here was my baby, facing the biggest battle imaginable, and I couldn't help her because I'd spent my life learning how to draw silly pictures of stupid people.

What good was that now when it really mattered?

A dark and terrible force had come to claim my daughter, and I was armed with nothing but a 2B pencil.

All I offered the world was frivolous distractions, fleeting smirks destined to be yesterday's news.

I carried on because I can't do anything else, but I couldn't believe what I did had meaning after that.

Now, Poppy was eight.

I had three children.

She was suffering again.

She hadn't seen a consultant in over a year.

Her mobility was declining.

She was having seizures.

She didn't understand why she couldn't go to school.

She couldn't understand people speaking to her in masks.

I hadn't stopped anything.

It was May 2021, and we were still locked up.

A young mother in our town was paralyzed after the Pfizer jab.

My godmother Judith died ten days after the AstraZeneca jab.

And these injections were going to be given to children.

I was lost in the horror.

Then people started writing to me.

They told me I made them feel they weren't alone.

They said I'd kept them sane.

They told me their stories.

A man said I saved his marriage.

Others found the courage to be with their parents as they died.

A woman planned to kill herself until she saw my couple on the hill.

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe I wasn't empty-handed this time.

This strange, niche thing that I could do might be exactly what people needed.

It might be what my children needed.

It might be what all these children needed.

Because these malevolent forces are coming for them.

That 2B pencil suddenly felt like a weapon, and it was time to use it.

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They Will Lie To The Bitter End. Count On It
Amy Benjamin


This is From Amy Benjamin’s Rumble

So family, so it is the 11th of May 2024.

This is the Deep State War and is in commentary and I am your host The American Spirit as always my pronouns are I/told/you/so, don't screw them up.

Coming to you today to urge each and every one of you to push back against the near constant gaslighting by the cabal puppets as they go down.

What do I mean by that?

Gaslighting is when you stand up you put on really nice looking clothes and you speak with a semi posh or highly bureaucratic accent you know to try to convey integrity and you say something that's flat-out false but you dress it up in an image that is very effective at hoodwinking those who listen to you.

So gaslighting is quite shameless you get up and say that black is white or an orange is an apple or that poor is rich and because of your accoutrements, various accoutrements, you fully expect your listeners to believe you and they often do and the main sort of issue in the spiritual wars is whether human beings will not accept the gaslighting but instead will stand up and say to these people who purport to have our best interests at heart say to these people you lie. You lie!

Despite your image, despite your accent, despite the words you use, your glibness, the way you dress, the degrees you have, the white coat you wear. I do not accept what you're saying and in fact I think you're pre-meditatively lying.

What are they lying about?

Covid arising naturally out of a wet market, the vaccines being safe and effective, Ukraine being a democracy, the Israelis and the Arabs being natural enemies, what else are they lying about?

The money being gifted to Ukraine and Israel actually being used to help those two countries rather than being laundered back to corrupt elements in the countries donating the money.

They're lying about the economy - inflation is in the process of being tamed - that's a lie.

Jobs are beginning to be recovered, that's a lie.

Your currency is not losing value, that's a lie.

Climate change - the climate of the earth is changing in a way that's detrimental to humanity because of humanity's own activities, that's a lie.

What else do we got?

9/11 was done by 19, or was it 21, 19 Arab hijackers. Donald Trump is a racist and/or a misogynist and/or a dictator. Anyone who opposes the transgender the hideous transgender ideology is perpetrating hate speech, that's a lie.

Anyone who stands up against the egregious hijacking of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ moment is a closet homophobe, that's a lie.

What else are they lying about?

Oh let's take it closer to home.

Liz Gunn is guilty of trespass, actually no she's not and judges thrown that out, okay she's guilty of assault because she dared to touch, in the most gentle of ways, a person who came up from being very officious she's guilty of assault, that's a lie.

She herself was not assaulted, that's a lie - see her near broken wrist and near broken shoulder. By questioning the barking orders of some woman she apparently is a racist, that's a lie.

It's getting very Orwellian out there if you haven't noticed.

War is peace, white is black, black is white.

I think many of us in the pro-humanity movement thought that we would get to a certain point and the baddies would say: “you got us you got us and so many lies actually yeah we we didn't tell the truth very often and you know well played and we give in.”

I think many of us were hoping we would we would get to a point where they would, in a sense, surrender. They're not going to surrender they're going to lie all the way into the courtroom when they're arrested and they're going to lie and gaslight and tell us wars peace and black is white even as they're led to their prison cells, once convicted, and even as they're led to the hangman's noose if they're sentenced to death and I think there will be there will be capital punishment for many of them.

And it takes a bit of fortitude for us to, in a sense, call out their lies. It's absolutely indispensable, such fortitude. It requires us to grow up and say we're not children we're not going to accept on trust what you say you've you've hoodwinked us before and you shouldn't have and we're not going to let that continue.

It really does require humanity to grow a pair and to grow up and to put away childish things and to stop believing in fairy tales. Now the the man who's in the little picture that decorates my channel is Jim Garrison and he urged Americans back in 1967 to stop believing in fairy tales in that case it was the fairy tale of the conclusions of the Warren Commission regarding the JFK assassination and that was back in 1967/68 he went on NBC News and he said: “Grow up, stop believing men just because they claim that can be trusted, you must grow up, you must have the courage of your common sense and say: you lie and we will not allow ourselves to be deceived any longer.”

This is the foundation of the information war that we're all immersed in and unless we can establish this foundation by standing up and saying “you lie, we don't believe you!”, we're not going to bring this forward to a successful conclusion, so prepare that sentiment and state it loudly whenever you hear a lie - civilisation depends on it.


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